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It was a sunny day in the town of magnolgia as the red head wizard Erza scarlet walked into the guild she sat down in one of the both taking a deep breath from just getting back from a long 5 day mission.

lucy appear
-lucy: hi erza, i see you tired, you are ok?
-erza: im fine, just tired for the works i do in the week, can i help you in something?
-lucy: yeah, i need some help in my house, can you go with me?
-erza: yeah.

the two girls go to lucys house
as the two girls walked into lucy's house
-Lucy: ok so I just need some help movi.....
as erza took her boots off she sat down on the bed with her barefeet exspose
-Erza: is somthing the matter lucy do my feet smell
-Lucy: no its just ummm uhh
as lucy walked over to the bed and sat down
-Erza: uhhh lucy what are you doing???
as lucy just ignored erza and grab her foot and started to massage her foot
-Erza:uhh lucy what are...... mmmmmmmm that feels nice
-lucy: I note you are little stressed so I thought that a massage could help you
-erza: thanks, you are so kindly, how can i pay you for this?
-lucy: Well can i ask you a petition?
-erza: a petition? what could you ask me?
lucy: can we play footies?
-Erza: what is footies and how do I win
-Lucy: It's not somthing you can win at
-Erza" Then way play if you can't win
-Lucy: let me just show you.
as lucy removed her boots and told erza to put her feet on the bed as lucy started to rub her toes on Erza's bare sole.
-Erza started to giggle
erza continues tickling lucys soles for 5 minutes.
-erza: wow yourfeet are so soft.
-lucy: thank you
-erza: wow this game its so fun
-lucy: this is not the best part

then lucy summon virgo and aries

-erza: why did you summon aries and virgo?
as erza looked down and saw what that virgo and aries had no shoes on either
-Lucy: Do you get it now erza
-Erza: No what should I get
-Lucy: There going to join us Erza
-Erza: ohhhhh that sounds like fun in fact I may have somthing jsut for this
as erza requiped and then hade a giant fether the same size as her sword
-virgo: punishment mistress
-Lucy: lets just hold off with the feathers for right now
-Erza: Fine but I'm doing it later
erza said as she but her feet back on the bed
lucy takes the feather and order virgo and aries take erza's arms and legs

-lucy: well i start
lucy start tickling erzas feet
-Erza: jajajajaja
-Lucy: wow your feet are very delicate i start an you cant stop to laught

lucy tickling erzas feet for 7 minutes

-Lucy: virgo can you appear a hair brush?
-Erza: jjajajaja finally i can stop to laugh, wait what are you say?
-virgo: yes mistress
-erza: please dont do it, jajaja

lucy continue tickling erza feet for another 5 minutes

-lucy: (thinking)i think i will use my feets

as lucy pulled up a chair and sat down and leaned back to tickle with erza with her feet as virgo walked over to erza's other foot with the hair brush as aries held back erza's arms. Erza was wiping her head back and forth HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA erza was screaming

-erza: lol I can not support this more
erza ​​broke the string with all his strength and see lucy furious
-Lucy: you scare me
-Erza: you must pay
-Lucy: what do you plan to do? (Worried)
-Erza: will do the same as you did me

erza Jump Into  lucy, virgo and aries and she tied them

As erza walked up to the three defensless girls and sat down on a chair
Erza: My turn
erza said with an evil smile on her face
she then pulled out the giant feather agian. the feather then glowed a very bright light then exploded into many other feathers as lucy, aries, and virgo looked in fear as the look as the feathers floated down and erza grabed a handfull
-Aries: jajaja stop this
-Virgo: jajaja i love my punishment
-Lucy: jajaja but i dont do it this
erza tickle the girls for ten minutes
-Erza:I get bored I'll use my hands
-Lucy: please no
-Erza: all of your feet are so cute, i love the pink toenail of aries her feet are as soft as wool, the purple toenail of virgo are so cute too and his feet wow lucy I surprised you did not punish this way, and finally lucys feet very soft and big i love your 8 size feet and your yellow toenials but after all the soft of are your feet.

erza ​​lies down on the couch and starts to tickle the 3 girls with her beautiful size 9 feet with red toenail
as Erza used her feet to tickle the girls by rubbing her beutiful feet agianst the soft soles of lucy, aries, and virgo after 30 mintues erza then got up
Erza: Well that was fun but I should be going now (as the three girls gave a breath of relif) But before I go I think I want just a quick taste of your toes
-Lucy: Ohh god no
-Aries: please no I'm sorry
-Virgo: more punishment mistress
-Lucy: Virgo stop that!!!!
as Erza then neeled down in front of aries's feet first

Erza start lick aries soles for 5 minutes
-Aries: uhhhh mmmmm
-Erza: mmm your feet has a flavor very sweet and are very soft
then erza lick between aries toes for 5 more minutes, then aries fainted
-Lucy: wow i know aries feet are very soft but not so soft

then erza approached the feet of Virgo and start licking her soles for 8 minutes
-Virgo: your punishment are the best
-Erza: i love this big feet your feet are so delicious
erza lickin virgos toes for 4 minutes

-Erza: now its your turn lucy
-Lucy: please no
then erza wake up an go to the kitchen and when she return she has in the hands one knife, one rag and one chocolate box

-Lucy: why do you have that?
-Erza: you should know it

erza clean virgo and aries feet

-Lucy: why did you clean their feet?
-Erza: for more fun

then erza put one foot in virgos feet and the other in aries feet, and star tickling again

-Erza: i love their feet, are very soft, but not as much as yours lucy
-Lucy: thanks I think

then erza open the chocolate box and put all the chocolate in lucys feet

-Erza: finally the best part of all the licking of one of my favorites feet, while i play footsie with another awesome pair of feet

erza then opened her mouth and started to suck on lucys big toe she sucked on her big toe for about 5 mintues then she opened her mouth a little wider and started to suck all of Lucy's as erza sucked on lucy's toes Lucy was losing it
-Erza: MMMMM your toes taste so good lucy she said as she looked up at lucy how was now out cold.
-Erza:well I guess thats enough for tonight she said as she finshed the chocalte on Lucy's soles
Erza then untied the three girls and put the blanket over them and sucked on the lucy's big toe one last time then walked out of lucy's house
and from the window the person that saw all of it got down from the window and started to walk home
-Natsu: that was amazing I'm so going to tickle them one day
as Natsu walked home thinking on how he was going to find a way to tickle erza and lucy

I did this story with my amazing friend natsu 231,I hope you like it
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vendoth Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2013
ha Natsu at the end saw it all
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jajaj curious right? XD
vendoth Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2013
ambertheyuriwitch Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2013
not bad. I really liked it.
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